Back in 1983, Valerie Hoskins started VHA, in true authorly fashion, from a humble kitchen table, She had one writer back then and has gone on to build the business into a highly respected, Hollywood-admired agency. We now represent some of the best TV and Film writers in the country, promoting their work across the globe and nurturing long, varied and successful careers by sticking to 3 staunch principles:

  1. Promote. Market. Promote
  2. Negotiate. Advise. Revise.
  3. Talk. Plan. Talk

Internationally, we work with producers in Europe and the United States. We make frequent visits to New York and Los Angeles and follow negotiations and contracts through without involving sub-agents.

At VHA we put our writers before anything else, developing honest and meaningful relationships that go the distance. Val and Rebecca have seen their writers fall in love, get married, buy houses, have kids and turn from dark psychological thriller writers into tea-time television scribes. We promote writers, negotiate contracts, advise on the best course of action and agree fees but we also put our heart and soul into the people who matter most. Our writers.