In a nutshell, our Rights Management expertise comes in two different packages: we collaborate with other agents to promote literary adaptations for film and television and we protect the intellectual property of creative ideas.

We work with some of the top agents and publishers to make literature come to life on the screen. If we feel a book has got what it takes then we will sell the rights on behalf of the agent or publisher for a split commission. We deal with everything from children’s picture books to chick-lit, to psychological thrillers, to historical faction, forging successful relationships on all sides.

The intellectual property aspect of our business is hugely specialised, quite unique and has a focus on pre-school children’s animation. Designers, writers and creatives will come to us with a concept and we manage the intellectual property thereof. For example, the man behind Bob the Builder came to us with a proposal document outlining the character and the concept. We have looked after Keith and Bob ever since. Our goal is to ensure that our creators enjoy a healthy ongoing participation in the financial success of their creation throughout the life of the property.